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Crout Creations Web Services
The power of the internet has leveled the playing field for all businesses, large and small.  The impression and size of your store front or company presence is limited only by your imagination.  With exceptional tools and utilities provided by Microsoft via the .net framework, Crout Creations has the ability to bring your entire business presence to the masses via the information superhighway.  Whether you need better organization of your precious data, want to set up a better communication tool to embrace your clients and customers relationships, or take a technical step in front of the competition, we are here to help you find that solution.

Data Management Services

Harnessing the 20 year proven power of Microsoft SQL Server, we can import, manage, and export your data with full integrity, to ensure you have the ability to view your business from all perspectives in a comfortable way.  Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMs) are a method of housing data that is used by large corporations and government agencies to keep track of their data in an efficient organized manner.  We bring these same methods to you to make it easier to update, insert, view or print your data in a way that makes sense to you, all the while ensuring that all data is sound and secure.

Web Development

Crout Creations has a plethora of tools on hand to ensure that your needs are met with quality at a budget within your reach.  We provide a wide range of development services, from ground up, completely customized and on-going internet projects for full company integration to quick start, plug-and-play economic sites geared to improve your online presence and marketing strategy.

 - Let them Shop While You Snooze

One of the most eluding secrets of the internet today is that running an E-Commerce site is now a reality for anyone, with surprisingly low cost.  A decade ago, this required a long period of research, followed by paying a team of individuals to custom build and host a shopping cart for a hefty price tag.  Functionality was limited due to the cost of added features, and slowed growth.  Despite the "Dot Com Bust" of the late 90's, demand for Ecommerce solutions have grown exponentially at a steady pace since the "Internet Boom" of the early 90's.  As with any supply and demand, eventually supply will catch up at a feverish pace.  Ecommerce functionality is no different.  Now with the competition fierce, and thousands of options available, Ecommerce has become quite an affordable option.  Crout Creations can analyze your business model, and provide a viable affordable solution to match your needs.

 - The "DotNet" way to Nuke the competition

One of the most successful website models that have emerged from the .net Framework is DotNetNuke.  For smaller clients looking to have a site up and running in minimal time, DotNetNuke has given the power back to the business owner to update website content with little or no HTML experience on hand, at the same time allowing access for developers to integrate custom applications.  The benefits of DotNetNuke are countless as it is an open source development project, constructed from thousands of qualified developers donating their time simply for the success of the platform.  This is like having thousands of developers constantly eyeing, updating, patching, and fixing bugs on the foundation of your web site for free!  Because DotNetNuke is open source, anyone has the right to own a copy of it, use it to make their own sites and portals, and modify it with absolutely charges for fees or subscriptions.  Thousands of dedicated developers coding for the mere cause of success, built on the cutting edge, powerful Microsoft .Net framework, and allowed to use for free?  It doesn't get any better than that.

 - We Play Nicely with Others

If at any time, you need your website or applications to "talk to" another service, such as a payment processor, website analyses, or another vendor, Crout Creations staff can develop a custom integration for you.  Our development team is well versed in standardized, cross platform communication methods (SOAP/XML, POST, GET, HTTP, RSS, etc.), and can find a solution to ensure you are "hooked up" to any service you would like to connect to.  Examples of some of these services include ; Paypal, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, US Postal Service, UPS, World Clock, as well as many more

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