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Crout Creations Website Portfolio
 TheMountain is a the internet home of The Mountain Community and Christian learning center.  This is a small but growing group of believers that are centered in on studying the word of God in it's entirety and depth, and are dedicated to reaching out to the lost, hurting souls that are looking for their true purpose in life.  

BoydWM is the website of J. Stephen Boyd and Associates, a family-owned corporate and individual financial consultation and accounting firm.  

 Nana's Play N Learn village is a family owned and operatorated daycare in which all policies and practices of the business are Christian-faith based.


TheGameCentre is a new/used video game consignment store. TheGameCentre sells new and use video games, consoles, and accessories, as well as hosts lan parties/gaming parties, both public and private. is the home of the hunting team, "TeamRareBreed."  This group of passionate hunting enthusiasts makes video documentaries while on the hunt, and offers tracking/touring to assist you in the hunt



 Game Exchange USA was a site designed for a small video game consignment chain, but has now organically grown as an online resume of functionality, enhancements, and technical advancement to display the possibilities of a completely database and webservice driven website possible by Crout Creations.

 OurFamilyNight was an expiremental social media site meant exclusively for our very large family to encourage interaction, communication, and the closeness of the family.  The motivation behind this project was to motivate the revitalization of the historical family nights where everyone would get together.





 FantasyInTheFlesh Tattoos, located in Frankfort, KY is a family owned and operated tattoo emporium.  Conn Craig has been a tattoo artist for several decades, specializing in "portrait-style" tattoos that show a true realizm about them. is the website dedicated to Thomas Crout, the owner of crout creations.  This site contains family pictures, other works, videos, music, and flash-developed applications that he has developed.  
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