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Crout Creations Video Services

       Video is an exciting media that is constantly growing and morphing every day.  This growth is fueled by powerful tools today that we would never have access to 20, even 10 years ago.  Today, a person can instantly see and practically experience any major current event via the web or television.  Any one with a voice, and idea, or a belief has the ability to share it with millions of people in an instant.  From this evolving media has come a revelation of hundreds of new stars, brilliant minds, and a sharing community that we never would have experienced before today.

       Dealing with, preparing, converting, and distributing video however, can be a very intimidating process without a solid strategy.  With the immense growth of video sharing today has come so many new players (pc, mobile, cable, satellite, video game consoles) with virtually hundreds of new formats which are not always compatible.  Technology moving at lightning speed is a moving target, so what you create today could be obsolete tomorrow.  When you use Crout Creations, you get to stay one step ahead of the game.  We constantly monitor the evolution of video to determine which venues are mainstream, and use this information to the sole benefit of our clients with innovative solutions to ensure all media is available to the widest possible audience.

Full Service Video Production

     Depending on the task at hand, video production can turn in to just "entire production".  The cost and organization of equipment rental, leasing property for scenes, hiring grip/edit/talent staff, etc can be quite cumbersome.  Our staff can be there to provide these services in a simple, affordable all-in-one package to resolve any headaches you have.  With years of experience, quality tools on hand, and some of the best editing suites in the nation, Crout Creations can provide you with a high quality product more parallel to your budget than other large scale, full service video production teams.

Examples of solutions we provide:
  • Television and Internet Commercials
  • Educational/Training 
  • Product Demonstration 
  • Presentations
  • Interviews
  • Video Teleconference Consulting
  • Video Montages and Compilations
  • Photo Slide Shows
  • Concerts
  • Music Videos
  • Video Montages and Compilations of video collections
  • Birthdays, Religious Ceremonies, Anniversaries

Video Conversion and Transfer services

The average life span of videotape (vhs, 8mm, and DVC, etc) is approximately 15 - 20 years before quality of that video starts to degrade.  That sounds like a long time until you think about the first CD you bought.  Do you know that the first CD commercially available was in 1982, nearly 30 years ago?  Putting that into perspective, think to your self how old some of your family and organization videos are.  If you haven't converted them to the newer DVD video or transferred it to digital storage for safe keeping, now would be a good time to do so.  Digital formats from 5 years ago fail in comparison to the newest compression and formatting of videos today.  Soon, the internet will be risen to the locked in HTML5 standard.  Do you know your current online videos will continue to play in all browsers and all devices?  Crout Creations has the tools and staff available to convert media from virtually any source, and save it to a media in a format that can be accessed and shared for years to come.  Contact us to learn more.

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