Thursday, July 18, 2024
An I.T. Arsenal In Your Back Pocket

For small businesses, the need for an IT professional is a certainty in this age, however hampered by the fact that they can't afford the overhead within their structure.  Services provided by Crout Creations can help bridge the gap between small business needs, and the means to attain them.  Our business is built with affordability in mind, while not having to suffer on quality product.  What most don't know is that businesses don't require million dollar budgets to become the leading edge in their industry.  

This myth has been prominent for decades, holding small family business owners from reaching for their surprisingly attainable goals.  Any innovative move in technology could face several hurdles such as the cost of expensive software, the complexities involved in self-help solutions without adequate education, and the seemingly impossible budget required for in house staff or outside consultants.

The Crout Creations staff works as your on-demand team, ready to support when you need us, charging nothing when you don't.  Because of the balance of quality and efficiency within our core, our hourly rates are more comparable to an hourly employee than the over inflated markup of an outside consultant.  The relationship we strive to maintain with our clients is a much more transparent, one-on-one communication, such as that of an employee-employer relationship.  The success you achieve with quality tools we provide is our priority, to ensure that you remain with us when additional growth is imminent.  
Everything in One Place
Our experienced in-house professionals provide:
  • Video Production with the latest effects, graphics, and technologies
  • Marketing Materials for any venue - Print, Web or Video
  • Logo Creation and Brand marketing
  • Website Design with custom integration into a powerful CMS platform
  • Custom DotNetNuke Module Development
  • Web Hosting on the Windows Server technologies of today.
  • Domain Management, including routing and registration.
  • Easy, secure E-Commerce Solutions
  • Web and Windows Application Development based on the latest powerful Microsoft .net technologies.
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